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Rules and regulations

Post by Abhinath P on Mon Jul 27, 2015 6:32 am

The Following Rules Apply For Everthing (Forums,Chats)

1. Be respectful to other players, no use of vulgar words. You are not allowed to insult staff(s) too. breaching of this rule may lead to an immediate ban without notice.

2. You are not allowed to spam,flood,advertise.

3. Your username(s) and profile should be clean, it should not contain any time of abusive material, in that case, we (The Avengers Team) reserve the right to remove it immediatly.

4. Do Not Create Threads Specified On A Single User.

5. If you get banned, you need to contact the staff who banned you, we do not override each other (we sometimes do but 0.01% chance out of 100%, so good luck)

6. If you would like to report a player, please use the report button ingame, or message a staff member, do not use both at the same time, (we entertain Pm's)

7. If you are banned, dont threaten , leading to a permanent ban
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